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    Advantages and practicality of equipment
    1. The purpose of this utility model is to provide a multi-station punching machine which can solve the above problems existing in the existing technology and control the hole through mechanical control, convenient, safe and efficient.
    2. The purpose of this utility model is to realize the following technical scheme:
    3. A multi-station punching machine, including frame and drill bit, its characteristic is that also includes the X axis translational slide rail and X axis translation machine, described the installation of the bit on the X axis translational slide rail, and through the X axis displacement of translational motor control;It also includes the Y-axis translation slip rail, Y-axis translation motor and workpiece clip head, and the workpiece clamping head is installed on the Y-axis translational slide rail, and the displacement is controlled by the Y-axis translation motor.The X-axis translational slide and Y-axis translation slide are fixed on the rack.
    4. As optimization, also includes a rotary motor and the workbench, as described in the rotation of the motor is fixed on the workbench, the workbench sliding connection on the Y axis translational slide rail, a rotary motor connection workpiece clamp, control its rotation.
    As optimization, also includes Angle adjustment, Angle adjustment motor and belt, Angle adjustment is installed on the workpiece chuck, described the Angle of regulating motor through a belt drive Angle rotation, so as to drive the workpiece clamp turn Angle, Angle adjustment installation as described on the workbench.
    5. As a preferred option, it also includes drill motor and drill chuck, the drill bit is mounted on the drill chuck, and the bit motor drives the drill chuck to rotate.
    6. As the preferred, the X-axis translation motor and the Y-axis translation motor are all ac servo motors.
    7.Compared with the existing technology, this product has the following advantages: to solve the traditional manual operation of low processing precision, low efficiency and high labor costs, and through the motor automatic control, implementation artifacts of multi-angle, all-round precise punching.

    The machine details


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