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    Description:Animal Base
    Appearance:Semi Solid
    Packing:180Kg net/PE Drum 180Kg net/Iron Drum
    Applications:FAC producted through hydrolysis, distillation and other processes based on industrial grade tallow. Sodium soap made by half-saturation tallow fatty acid can be used as an important emulsifier during emulsion polymerization process in SBR (styrene butadiene rubber)industry. It is also popular as intermediate of surfactant and many kinds of additives. Meanwhile, TDFA is one of the most important raw materials for making soap bar.
    ItemTest MethodAverage ValueQualified ValueRemarks
    Colour(Gardner)GB9281.122 Max
    Acid Value
    Iodine Value
    Saponification Value
    (%)GB/T5535.1-1.5 Max
    Solidifying Point
    Moisture(%)GB/T9104.6-0.3 Max

    C12(%) 1 Max
    C14(%) 4 Max
    C16(%) 22-30
    C16’(%) 4 Max
    C18(%) 15-30
    C18’(%) 30-38
    C18”(%) 5 Max
    C18”'(%) 1 MaxTallow Distilled Fatty Acid factory